Thursday, March 15, 2007

starting to build my new house

I finally got to go to Santa Cruz yesterday to see my new place and to view the plans of how it is going to look, it is going to be amazing. I am pretty sure that this is going to be the last place I will ever live so I want to make it perfect. I always love the way that cabins look inside so that is how I want my place to look. I took some pictures of before and I'm going to take pictures of during and after. After I looked at the house my uncle took us to a restaurant named The Wooden Nickel. He had been telling me about this place for a long time and I was glad to finally get to go except it was hard to choose what you have because everything looked so good. I ended up having fish and chips and it was awesome. Besides fish and chips they gave me a shrimp salad, coleslaw and with every plate you get a piece of cake. I am so excited about seeing the progress, moving into my new place and living in Santa Cruz.

Friday, March 9, 2007

more surgery

Yesterday I went that Valley Medical to see Dr. Hentz, Dr. Shem, Dr. Yim, Lisa and Lynn. They really liked the progress since I have my touchup surgery and they're going to do it on my right hand sometime in the near future.

Today I went to get my teeth cleaned so they are sore right now. Usually they're not very bad but this time it really hurt and Kathy said my gums led a lot.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Cindy for lunch at Sam's barbecue, I love that place and it will be nice to see Cindy.