Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas was wonderful. This year it came so fast it was really hard to get into the spirit. I got my tree after Thanksgiving and decorated my house and I love to come in and look at it but I just didn't seem like Christmas this year.

Stanley, Janet, and the kids came down on Sunday evening and we had pizza on Christmas Eve and everyone opened one present that the parents picked out. That was always a tradition with us and I'm finding out that it is more and more popular. When we were younger we got to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas to wear that night and most of the next day.

Since we didn't have much time together we ordered a turkey dinner from Boston Market, it was very disappointing and we won't do that again. The turkey, the mashed potatoes and the corn were good but nothing else was.

As soon as we woke up on Christmas morning it immediately felt like Christmas. The kids trying to wake everybody up early and rushing everyone through breakfast so we could open the rest of the presents. Another tradition we always had was that when everybody woke up Christmas morning we could open up our stockings but we had to wait until after breakfast to open up the rest of the Christmas presents.

I lost my Aunt Jeannie, my sister-in-law has cancer and had to take a radiation pill and stay in a motel room all by herself and my Aunt Kathy found a lump that was fortunately benign.

I slept in late this morning so I decided to just stay in bed and rest. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to go out to dinner and then either Friday or Saturday were going to have some people over for Cribbage game.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

another weekend closer to Christmas

This is probably the best feeling in the world. I'm laying here in bed nice and warm, listening to the rain falling on the skylight, looking at my Christmas tree and listening to music.

On Thursday my mom called and told me that my Aunt Jeannie is in the hospital and they don't expect her to live longer than forty eight hours, as of yet I haven't heard anything but I'm sadly waiting.

My sister-in-law in Georgia, Anna Maria, is going in next week to have her thyroid removed because of cancer. They went to Oklahoma for a couple of days to spend some time together because after the operation they want her to stay in a motel because the radiation is so strong she will not even be able to hug anybody.

My mom and I were going to go to the movies today but as we were leaving she got a telephone call from her friend Chris. Chris fell last night and she thought that she had broke her arm so my mom took her to emergency. She didn't break it but she bruised it really bad. After my mom got back home we went to Denny's for breakfast, they do have a really good breakfast.

Tomorrow I'm just going to stay inside and take it easy. I got all of my Christmas shopping done so I just have to get everything together and try to remember where it goes.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Another Weekend

Today we went to see The Nativity Story at the movies. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I did, it was very well done. Before we went to the movies we stopped and had a blueberry cheesecake crape and then after we went and had some Chinese food. They have this spicy eggplant tofu that I just love.

Tomorrow we're going to Westfield Mall. I want to get Brodie's picture taken with Santa Claus and I want to get some sugar free candy and some regular candy.

I'm almost completely done with my Christmas shopping a boy does it go great, I'm usually running around at the last minute trying to get everything done. It's great to be able to relax and enjoy.

Charlie's coming over tomorrow morning to show me the final drawing for my new home in Santa Cruz, I'm so excited to see it. He always has such great ideas that blow me away.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


It seems like I have been going to the movies a lot lately. It's nice to be able to go to the movies with someone that I don't have to pay hourly and that I don't have to buy a ticket for. East Ridge has new theaters right across from the food court. I have seen the new 007 movie called Cassino Royale, Santa Claus 3, Happy Feet, Deck the Halls and Déjà Vu.

Stanley and Corinne came down last Sunday to bring me a Christmas tree and decorate it for me, they really did a nice job. Now I just have to get the rest of the House decorated. I'm sitting here right now looking at the tree and is just really hard to be unhappy was such a beautiful sight. Opening tomorrow I'm going to get the last of my Christmas shopping done and then I will be really in the mood.

I finally got the pins out of my finger and boy is that a relief. Dr. Hentz, Dr. Shem, Dr. Yim, Lisa and Jennifer were there and it was really great to see them all. It didn't take them very long and they encouraged me not to look so I didn't but I wanted to. I asked them after how long the pins were and they asked if I wanted to see them, I said yes. They were about three inches long and it took my finger a long time to quit bleeding.

I'm looking for a treadmill for Brodie. The last couple of days the weather has been really nice so I take her for a walk often but when the weather starts getting cold or when the weather gets too hot I'm not able to walk her and I feel really bad so if I get a treadmill I will be able to exercise her right here in my home.