Monday, May 28, 2007

Kelly visiting

This was a really nice weekend.  On Saturday I went looking for flooring for my new house.  Whole Foods had a customer appreciation Day and they had a free barbecue for everybody who stopped by.  They had hot dogs and fish shish kebabs, garlic bread, potato chips, macaroni salad and fresh pineapple.  In the evening my Uncle Dick, Ellen, Rex and Sandy, my mom and I got together to play some Cribbage, they are always so much fun.  Ellen brought some lasagna and a salad and then we had some desert.

Kelly came here on Sunday and we were going to drive to Santa Cruz and look at the new house but by the time we got to Highway 17 the traffic was so ridiculous we decided to turn around and go another day.  We went to a little Mexican restaurant which had really great food and then we dropped my mom off and Kelly and I went to the mall and watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean.

Today I'm just taking it easy and enjoying a little time to myself.  Brody has not been feeling well and she was really sick all day Saturday but she seems to be doing fine now so she needs a rest also.  Pat, the realtor, came by this morning to drop off some flyers for the House and tomorrow were getting together to discuss putting it on MLS, she did a really nice job on the Flyers.

In July Stanley and his family and David and his family are going to come down for a weekend and Kelly's going to try to see if she can be here, I hope she can.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meandering Mississippi tour

My Aunt Kathy went on a bicycling tour called WomenTours.  It is an inn-to-inn road bike tours for women only. they design their bicycle trips for women of all ages, abilities and lifestyles, and in the most beautiful places around the United States and abroad. This trip is called Meandering Mississippi and started on May 10th in New Orleans and they are going to end up in Itasca, Minnesota and it will end on June 18th, my Birthday.  On the Meandering Mississippi tour they will follow the mighty Mississippi north from its mouth in New Orleans for nearly 2,000 miles to its source deep in the woods of Minnesota at Itasca. They will travel through 10 states,It sounds like they are having a lot of fun and I love to read along every day about their adventures in Mary's blog, and the food.  These are amazing ladies and I am so proud of my Aunt Kathy.  This is her second trip.  They are visiting a lots of really cool places wherever they go and needing a lot of neat people.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

sometimes life is just full of surprises...

I got my cast off last Wednesday and started OT on Friday.  Everyone was impressed with how well the operation came out and the strength that I have now in my right arm.  I think I'm still going to switch the control of my chair over to the left side and see if I can drive with my left hand, my OT said that it would be really good idea.

I'm taking it easy this weekend because next weekend is going to be really busy.  I'm going on Saturday morning to pick out flooring for my new house and Saturday evening I'm going to Lulu's birthday party.  Kelly is going to be here Saturday evening and we're going to spend the day together on Sunday, maybe go to Santa Cruz and have sushi at Momo's, and then she has to go back to San Francisco on Monday.

My ex contacted me by e-mail last week to my surprise.  I have not talked to him for about 10 years but it was nice to catch up on what he was doing and where he was.  Next month he's going to help a friend of his move and he said he might stop by for a visit.

Is really a beautiful evening.  I'm sitting here watching movies and through my skylight it is so clear outside I can see some moon, it is not a full moon but it is beautiful.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

The surgery went great. They forgot to tell me to bring my sling because they got a new hoyer type lift and the sling that they have is too hard to in the wheelchair. Everybody is always so nice and helpful and the surgery only took two hours, I was home by two o'clock p.m. I have this half cast/half ace bandage thing on my arm and they asked me to constantly exercise might pinch grip so that the scar won't adhere to the tendon. I get it off next Wednesday.

Stanley, Robert, David and Corinne came down on Friday evening to spend Mother's Day with my mom and I. Janet had to stay home because she had some studying to do for a class that she is taking. We went Mother's Day shopping on Saturday and then took my mom, Chris and Bill out for dinner. They got my mom some beautiful plants and planted them in her front yard to surprise her. When David was here he got some tomato plants and planted them in the back so now she has a really nice garden, front and back.

I think I really overdid it on Saturday so it was nice to just stay in bed on Sunday and have a quiet dinner with my mom. Stanley had made us some white beans and ham and it was really good.

They are really going at my new house. The inside is gutted out and the garages torn down. Kelly is supposed to be here sometime this month to stay for a while and I cannot wait for her to see it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Tomorrow is the big day. I went in for preop today and my surgery is tomorrow at seven thirty. Unfortunately the anesthesiologist went home early so I have to go in early tomorrow to finish my preop, I have to be there at six a.m. They said I would probably be there until about two p.m. tomorrow afternoon and I'm pretty sure that I won't be doing much the rest of the afternoon. I'm going to have a boxing glove type cast on my right hand/arm for about a week and then a brace so I won't be able to straighten my fingers out all the way for several weeks and then back to rehab. I'm thinking about switching the control on my chair to the left side so I can learn to drive with my left hand, if I can learn to do that it will be a lot easier to reach things since I am right-handed. I just feel sorry for everybody else until I get used to drive a left-handed.

I can't wait to get a break. It seems like everything is just happening all at once... my trip to Georgia, my surgery, the beginning of my house in Santa Cruz being remodeled.

Stanley and Corinne are going to come down on Friday and spend the weekend for Mother's Day, that is so sweet and my mom will love it as will I, I just hope that I'm going to be able to get up and out of bed.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Georgia vacation

We had so much fun on our trip to Georgia. I was really nervous about the flight but it went just as smoothly as last year. The time difference is a little hard to get used to. On the way they are we left at eleven o'clock and arrived at eight o'clock, on the way back we left at eight thirty and arrived at ten thirty.

David and JohnPatrick picked us up at the airport, we got the rental van and headed for Newnan. The hospital bed and the hoyer lift were already there. This time I got a travel agent and it sure was a lot less stress, she took care of everything and did a really good job.

It was really nice to see Anna Maria and Deziree, it has been a long time. They have such a great family.

Friday was my mom's birthday and at my brother's house in Georgia when it's your birthday you are King/Queen for the day, I want to go there for my birthday. Everything that we did that day was my mom's choice. We went out to dinner at the Olive Garden and it was really nice. Tom and Kelly came to visit and we all got press on tattoos that David's family got my mom for her birthday. I have been watching Miami Inc series on TV and have been thinking about getting a tattoo. Kelly lives in Florida and she said that she would come here and fly with me to Miami, spend a few days because I have never been there and take me to get a tattoo. My mom and my aunt were not at all thrilled so if they don't talk me out of it by February I'm going to do it. Probably just a little one on my ankle.

I finally got to meet Anna Maria's sister-in-law. I know her brother, I have met him several times and we keep in touch on the Internet but his wife works so much I never had a chance to meet her. They are such a neat family and her brother, who has the same name as mine, have a similar personality. They are both very funny and very caring people.

Kelly and Tom arrived on Friday evening, it was so great to have everybody in the living room talking and reminiscing. Kelly and hopefully Tom are going to be here around the middle of the month for a few days.

The last night that we were there my brother made spaghetti and meatballs, I ate so much I thought I was going to bust but they were AWESOME. He also made mashed potatoes because Anna Maria and my mom can't have too much tomatoes because of the acid. He also made sweet tea which is very popular in Georgia and also very good.

Our flight on the way home was at 8:30am so I decided to spend Saturday in bed and get up Saturday evening and spend the evening in my chair so it would not be so much work in the morning to get ready to go to the airport. When I got up in my chair it was not working. my brother tried all evening long to fix it, my brother can fix anything, but he could not figure out what was wrong so he decided to take a couple of days off of work and fly home with us to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it. I have an operation coming up about a week after I get home and if I took my chair to where I usually get it fixed it would take a lot longer and I wouldn't have been able to make it. Of course he  had it fixed within half an hour of his second try, it is usually something pretty simple but time-consuming to figure out. It was nice to have my brother here for a couple of days and really enjoyed his company. There's always little projects around here and my mom's house that he takes care of while he is here.

I think the part that scares me the most about flying is transferring, I have to transfer to an aisle chair and then to the seat in the plane. The way that they are trained to lift you is somebody grabs underneath your knees and somebody else grabs underneath your armpits. It is really painful to have 180 lbs. of dead weight supported by your armpits and your shoulders. My shoulders are sore to begin with and I'm usually in pain for about an hour after they transfer me. My brother devised a sling so that they would be lifting more with my butt and only supporting the shoulders. I was so excited to try and it made everything so much easier, my little brother is a genius.

It sound like in July both of my brothers and their families are going to come down and see the new Harry Potter movie on IMAX and just in time being together.

I'm going Saturday to pick out the flooring and Cabinets for my new house. It is Cinco de Mayo so after that I'm going to go downtown with Lulu and her family for the celebration, her daughters, granddaughters and grandson and nieces and nephews are going to dance and I have been running to see that for a long time.