Friday, April 28, 2006

Moms Birthday

Today was my mom's birthday. David ended up staying an extra day so he could take her out to breakfast and then I drove him to the airport. When I got back home I was out in the driveway trying to clean up a little when my grandpa called and said a group of friends were going to my mom's house to play cards and have a little surprise party for my mom later that evening. My Uncle Dick, Aunt Kathy and my grandpa walked down here and we went out to eat. We got done playing cards about midnight, it always seems to go by really fast. I won every game except the last, I'm usually not this lucky. My grandpa really likes to play cards and he's having a really hard time because he has dementia so we found a voice barcode reader so we can put barcodes on the cards and all he has to do is scan them, it looks like it's going to work out really well.

Tomorrow I have two doctors appointments, it has been a really busy week and I am exhausted but I cannot sleep. Saturday am going to Ripin to go to my sister-in-law's mothers Memorial. The weather has been really nice and is probably going to be really hot.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It looks like next I'm going to try camping. My aunt and my uncle and their friends are always going camping and it always looks like so much fun but I have been afraid to try it in the past. They're always talking about sitting around watching the sunset, barbecuing, hiking and just enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife and it just sounds like so much fun. Ever since we drove to Arizona and to Disneyland and I flew to Georgia I am ready to try anything and everything, I wish it would have tried it a lot sooner.

Yesterday Dave and Uncle Dick fixed my bed. It seemed like the center of the bed was always really low and it felt like I was falling into a hole, it was very uncomfortable. All it took was a little ingenuity and some foam and my bed is more comfortable than it has ever been, I'm so glad that I have such a smart family.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Yesterday my Uncle Dick, Aunt Kathy, Ellen, Rex and Sandy and my mom came down and we played Cribbage pretty much all day, I forgot how much I miss playing Cribbage. We had so much fun that we decided to do it more often. There was a lot of food and good company as well as Cribbage.

David flies in tonight and tomorrow is his follow-up visit for his eye surgery, he said that his I still really good and he's glad that he had the surgery. Tuesday Uncle Dick is going to come over and help David fix my bed, it's really low in the middle and hopefully they're going to be able to build it up.

This is going to be a really busy week. I go to Valley Medical to try out the exercise bicycle that I'm going to get. They want me to try it out ten times before I get it to make sure that I really want it, I have wanted it for a very long time but I will go and try it out. I also go back to Valley Medical to see if they could help me with one of my fingers on my left hand, it's starting to bend and they're going to see if they can straighten it for me. Last time it was just some calcium build up and after working with it for a couple of hours it popped really loud and straightened out. They gave me a split to put on it but after it popped it was so red and swollen and warm I could not get the splint to fit over it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


We all had a really nice visit. After we picked up David from the airport we visited with Gramps until Mom finished playing cards at the center than we went to Red Robin for dinner. I have been there several times and I really liked it and wanted to take my Grampa there because I really thought he would enjoy it. After we ate my brother and I strolled around the mall for a while. They are still in the process of remodeling it and its really starting to look nice. The next day my Uncle Dick drove David to get his eye surgery done. Stanley, Janet and the kids were supposed to be here at noon so I waited until about 2:00 P. M. and then I decided to go ahead and get something to eat. They got here around 3:00 and just as we were getting ready to leave for the mall David and Uncle Dick drove up so we decided to see how everything went. David was very tired but he said that he felt good and he could already see a big difference in his vision without his glasses on. We let David rest and went to the mall and Corinne got her ears pierced, we stopped to get something to eat on the way home.

Saturday Stanley made breakfast for everybody and we just kind of hung around and visited because David was going to go home that afternoon. While my mom and Stanley to David to the airport we went shopping again, this time to get a honey baked ham and some other stuff for Easter dinner.

Sunday was really nice. Stanley made breakfast again and the kids hunted for Easter egg's that we had dyed the evening before. Everybody had an Easter basket full of candy and toys. Richard and Vanessa showed up and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dick arrived right behind them. We had a really nice dinner and then we played about four games of Cribbage, have not played for a very long time and I really miss it. We're going to start getting together about once a month.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Georgous Day

I'm sitting here waiting for my attendant to show up so I can go to the airport and pick up my brother. She won't be here for another hour but I am up and ready to go. I love getting up and ready this early. Gramps and Aunt Kathy stopped by on their walk around the block and it looks like they are going to be here Easter Sunday also, that will be great. I cannot find my Easter decorations and that is very frustrating. There is so many people around here that I never know where anything gets put away, hopefully we will find them today.

I got tickets for my brothers and I to go see Hall and Oats at the Saratoga Mountain Winery in June, the day after my birthday. They first serve you are really nice dinner on the deck overlooking the vineyard and then you go down the hill to the concert. I have been there a couple of times before and it is a really nice evening.

July is going to be another reunion for my eighth grade at CT English. Both of my brothers went with me last time and it looks like they're both going to go with me again this year, I am really excited. I am going to call my friend that I grew up with asked him to go also because it would be really great to see him, he still lives in the same house.

I finally got tickets for my mom and I to go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in August (mom if you happen to read this please act surprised on your birthday) I thought it would be nice to go have dinner and then go to the concert. I told my Aunt and she is going to come and stay with Gramps for the evening.

Tomorrow Janet and I are going to take Corinne to get her ears pierced, she is really growing up so fast and she is so beautiful. Stanley, Janet and the kids are going to stay here and help me die Easter eggs, okay I'm going to help them.

It is really a beautiful day outside, I was sitting out on the deck earlier and it actually got so warm that I had to come back into the house. What a beautiful day for a visit from my brother.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This week seems to be going my way too fast. It is only Tuesday and I still have a lot to do before Easter. Tomorrow I have to go get my taxes done, I always wait until the last minute. I still need to go shopping and get everything for Easter dinner and for coloring eggs. I'm going to pick up my brother David at the airport Thursday afternoon and Stanley, Janet and the kids will be here Friday morning. We are going to take Corinne to get her ears pierced.

Yesterday I went to Safeway to do a little bit of shopping and while I was walking up and down the aisles there was this huge man, he looked like a linebacker, reaching down to get something off of the bottom shelf. As it went by I looked over and Brodie, my canine companion, gave him a big slobbery kiss right on his mouth, he looked up her and said "thank you" and walked away. I wanted to turn around and apologize for Brodie but I was laughing so hard decided not to stop and kept on going. I always tell people who get a big kiss from Brodie "don't worry because she drank out of the toilet after she ate her poop in the backyard" I cannot believe how cool the guy was about it.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Wow, what a great vacation. Everybody made everything easy and comfortable. Before we left San Jose the Pilot came up and introduced himself, told me what the flight would be like and told me what the weather was like once we got to Georgia. The flight attendants told me that the pilot told them it was my first flight since my injury and to make sure I was very comfortable, I wish I would have done this a lot sooner because it was a really good experience.

I called Wheelchair Getaways in Georgia, I have used them several times here and they are always very accommodating,  and they not only got me the van that I wanted but they also gave me the name and number of a care giving agency and a place to rent equipment. My mom did not have to help at all, all of the ladies that they sent were very experienced and very professional.

It was so great to see my sister-in-law and spend some quality time with everybody. The baby shower was a lot of fun and I even won a candle for guessing with a piece of crape paper exactly how big around Aubrey was. Of course the visit seemed way too short but I cannot wait to go back.

My brother took me to a new community called Peachtree City. There was about 500 golf cart trails that I could drive around with my chair. The community was really close to shopping and pretty much anything you could want. It was such a relief from San Jose because everybody was so friendly and eager to make me comfortable in any way that they could.

The only uncomfortable thing about the flight to or from was landing in San Jose. They didn't taxi up to the ramp so everybody else went down some stairs and I had to go down this elevator type thing, I sure was happy when I finally got to the ground.

I feel alot more comfortable about going on an airplane and about going on vacation and I plan to do it a lot more. I would like to go to Florida to see Disney World and also to Washington DC with my family.