Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Great day

Well, I finally got to go to the garlic Festival in Gilroy and it was everything I ever imagined.  I was so excited when we got to the parking lot that I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack but once we got into the gates I was fine.  We walked through the whole thing and I eat everything I could think of... garlic bread, garlic mushrooms, calamari, shrimp skampi, garlic stir fried chicken, garlic lemon chicken sandwich.  The only thing I didn't try was the garlic ice cream.  I also got four wine glasses with the garlic Festival logo, two tin beer mugs with the Festival logo on one side and the name of a beer on the other side, I think Coors.  I also found a poster with the logo that will look great in my kitchen.  The one for this year just happen to have ivy on it and that is what I have in my kitchen.

Before we left, as I was loading into the van was sliding door on the passenger side broke, it is always something.  Luckily Keith, the guy across the street, was outside and came over and closed the door for us, the cable was broken.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Gilroy garlic festival 2004

Today was a really good day.  I have been stuck in bed for two days so it was nice to get up.  I was getting cabin fever and so was Brodie.

I went to dinner with my grandpa and my mom, Denny's of course.  After that my mom and I went to the movies, we saw I robot with Will Smith.  It was a pretty good movie.  We wanted to see The Notebook but it was already gone from the theaters.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Gilroy garlic Festival.  I have been wanting to go for several years but it's just too hot in Gilroy.  We even made it to the parking lot one day but my wheelchair got stuck two times before we could even get out of the parking area so we decided it would be best to just turn around and go home.  It's supposed to be 87° in Gilroy tomorrow, we will see.

My brothers coming down at the end of this month, on the 30th.  I got as tickets to see Eric Clapton at the HP Pavilion and I'm very excited, I know it will be a killer show.  He is going to stay until August 1 and my older brother's is coming so we will have a nice little get-together.

August is going to be really busy and I'm very excited.  Besides Eric Clapton I also got tickets to see Don Henley, Brad Paisley and Diamond Rio.  The last three concerts are at mountain wineries and there are sitdown dinners before each one, it should be a really good time.