Thursday, April 12, 2007


Easter was really nice. Stanley and his family came over on Saturday and we took the kids and went shopping at Westfield Mall, I always love to go shopping. We found a new place to get pizza, it was called high 5, and it turned out to be really good.

Easter morning we woke up to see what was in our Easter baskets, went on an Easter egg hunt and then ate breakfast. While we were shopping I thought these BEAUTIFUL candle holder that I immediately fell in love with. I mentioned it to Janet and I noticed the next morning that was my Easter basket, what a really nice surprise. I always see stuff like that thinking that I'm going to go back and get it and I never do.

My mom went over and picked up Bill and Chris and my uncle Dick and Aunt Kathy came over and we have a really nice dinner and then played a couple of rounds of Cribbage.

Stanley's family went home on Sunday evening except for Corinne, she stayed here are until today. She got a gift certificate from Blush so I took her over to the mall on Monday and we got her a makeover, a new outfit and some sandals. Tuesday we went over to the lake and cruised around for a while. In the past I have always just went in a circle around the lake but this time I went on the trails with Brodie, I was really beautiful. The lake is so close and is such a beautiful way to start your morning. Wednesday my mom and I had an appointment to get our taxes done so after we did that we went to see Meet the Robinsons and then got something to eat at the food court.

Tomorrow I'm going to go do a little shopping and then some friends are coming over to play Cribbage.

Next week I have to start packing for Georgia, we leave on the 26th, I can't believe how fast this year is going by.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I got a notice in the mail that said I had an appointment with Dr. Yim yesterday. I saw him in the hallway and he said hello and asked me if I was ready... I thought he meant for the appointment. When he came into the room he said "so tomorrow is the big day?" I must have looked at him really puzzled because he said "your operation". I really was not expecting it so soon. I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago with him, Dr. Hentz, Lisa and Lynn and they said they wanted to do a touchup for my right hand to make my grip stronger, I told them I was ready to do it. I'm flying to Georgia on the 26th to visit my brother and his family and I really didn't wanna go with a cast on my right hand but I asked the doctor if I could and he said it's probably not a good idea so we rescheduled for May 10th. To think by this time today I could've had everything finished and been back home with the nasty taste of anesthesia in my mouth for a week.

The Modesto Van Sants are coming down Friday evening or Saturday morning to visit us for Easter. Since they bought a new house and are trying to get everything fixed up to sell their old house I haven't seen them very much so be very nice to see them. Corinne wants to stay until Wednesday, the rest of them are going home on Sunday, so it will be nice to spend some time with her, she is so funny.

I've been going out pretty much every Wednesday picking out tiles, granite, fixtures... everything I will need for my new place. Here is how it works... I go out and pick what I like and then my contractor comes by and tells me what's wrong with what I picked out, he is ALWAYS right so I'm glad he does it. After thinking about it for a few days I know that I will not be happy with what I picked out so I go out and do it again. I pretty much ended up with the same tile and I have in this house because it's so neutral and I'm very happy with the way this place turned out.

Brodie is doing really good with her treadmill. We can pretty much leave her on it and walk away and she will stay on it until we tell her to get off. While I was picking out my fixtures I met a guy whose wife trains dogs song going to give her call and see she can help me with some obedience and aggression problems we are having. Being able to exercise her every day, no matter what the weather is, helps a lot but she needs to not freak out at other animals.

Sabina called me this evening and what agreat surprise, I have not talked to her for over a year but I think about her a lot. She is pregnant with her second child. We are going to get together and catch up after Easter, I am really excited about seeing her again and her daughter who is now three years old.