Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Char and Lisa

Char and Lisa were supposed to be here on Friday but unfortunately
Char and her husband had to stay overnight in Texas because of the
weather.  They finally made it on Saturday is and we had a really
great visit.  I had never met Chars husband before and he is a very
sweet man.  We ordered pizza and watched the wedding crashers.
Unfortunately, he had to leave the next day to go back home.

Saturday we just hung out and talked and Sunday we did the same.
I still don't have evening attendant on the weekends but we had
a good time.  Saturday evening we ordered Chinese food and Lisa
had to call her husband to come and fix her car because one of
the hoses on her car broke.  Bob brought her daughter Tiffany
will I have not seen for several years, she is very beautiful
and going to be a heartbreaker... well she already is.

Monday we went to The Cheesecake Factory and then walked around
the mall for a while.  Every time I go to The Cheesecake Factory
I did something different and it is always awesome.  This time
I had steak Diane and it was unbelievably good.  I didn't have room
for cheesecake so I brought some home, peach cobbler cheesecake.
For dinner we ordered some Mexican food although we were very hungry
after the great lunch.  Of course once again I forgot to take pictures.

Tomorrow Keith is going to install the lights on the front and rear
steps so it will be a lot easier to see outside and the lights that
he got for me looks great.  The weather is starting to get nice again.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Support group at Valley Medical Center

Well I finally did it.  I kept wanting to go back to the
support groups and I almost got nervous and chickened out
but I made myself go and I'm really glad that I did.  Marie
the psychologist from when I was there showed up so I felt
a lot better, I saw her when I went to OT for awhile and she
was trying to encourage me to go back and I really wanted to
but I was nervous.  When I quit doing something that is routine
I always get really nervous about starting it up again.  I met
a couple of really neat people and gave them my card so we can
keep in contact.

I got the first picture today of my niece Aubrey since she
got pregnant, she looks so beautiful and so happy.  They are
having a baby shower for her in Georgia and I'm kind of excited
about going.  My brother David said that he would fly here and
slide down there with me, it is about a five hour flight and I
have to transfer into a regular seat for the journey.

Today was my neighbor Anns birthday.  My Mom made
what is called a kitty litter cake.  It didn't look
very appetizing but it tasted great.  They play cards
at the center and asked me to come down during their break
to have some take and I took some pictures.  I am going to
print out the pictures and frame them for her for her birthday.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another weekend

Another quiet weekend but it has been a busy week
so I am kind of glad to be able to relax and watch
movies.  Keith came over to fix the door in the kitchen
that I got caught on my chair yesterday and ripped off
the hinges turning my chair around in the kitchen, that
is the second time that I did that this month.  Luckily
you can pretty much fix anything.  Frank came by to say
hello and George and Juliet also came by.

I'm going to Stockton in a couple of weeks for my cousins
son's daughters first birthday party.  I haven't seen Sean
or Amanda for a very long time and it will be nice to see
my Aunt Marlene and Terrie also.

Next weekend Sissy and char will be here and I'm excited.
Char is going to bring her husband or a couple of days
and that will be just the girl.  I'm sure we'll go to Los Gatos
and have lunch at Pedro's because we always do.

Monday Keith is going to replace the flooring by my bathroom
that my canine companion ruined by urinating in the hallway.
It seems like I keep finding more things for the poor guy to do
but he does such a good job with everything that he does.

Next week I have the last of my series of doctors appointments,
it is about time, now I can make an appointment with Dr. miner
and get a prescription for my exercise bicycle finally.  I can't
wait to start exercising and I hope it will help my quad gut.  I am
trying H wave and that is helping but I want the muscles to build up

I'm watching dirty dancing again, no matter how many times I watch
that movie I always cry and end up watching it again.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Josh Gracin

The weather has been really nice so I have been
out and about as much as possible.  I tried to take
Brodie to the Park at least once a day and she is
loving it and so am I.  I wish I could sleep like this
dog, when we get home she walks in the house, gets a
drink out of the toilet, walks over to her bed and lays
down and she is out.  Here it is at 5 a.m. and
cannot sleep.

This weekend is the Super Bowl and a lot of people are
really excited, I don't really see what the excitement is.
I don't normally watch it but a couple years ago my neighbors
came over and we had a barbecue and watched it and it was
worth it but only because of the food.  I'm pretty sure
that this weekend I will not be watching it.

I'm going today to get tickets to say Josh Gracin at
The Rodeo Club.  I heard about it on the radio.  Tomorrow
I'm going to go see Cheaper by the Dozen 2.  My friend Jesse
got me some free passes.