Tuesday, March 29, 2005


My nephew David came down night before last
to stay here for a week. Yesterday morning we went
out to breakfast with mom and gramps to the pancake
house and then we went to see Robots at the movie
theater. We got there little bit early so David played
some games in the arcade. After that I ran Brodi around
the parking lot for little while because she needed
some exercise.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Family visiting

I had to take my van to be repaired any cost over $1200... it is definitely time to get a new van. I think next time I'm going to get a full-sized van because right now I have a minivan and I can't see out the windows because I am so tall and I think a lift instead of a ramp because I keep hitting my head on the threshold when I get in.

My youngest nephew from Modesto is coming here tomorrow night to stay for about a week. He is a middle child just like I was and he is very sweet and always helpfull. I'm trying to think of things that we can do so that he will not get bored. I want to take him to Marriott's Great American, Bonfonte Gardens, IMAX theater and probably anything else that he wants to do... he deserves to be spoiled.


My brother David is going to bring his youngest daughter and his youngest son, only son, for a visit on Wednesday night or Thursday morning and they are staying until Sunday. My older brother, Stanley, is going to bring his family on Thursday and stay until Saturday, I am really excited about that.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sky lights

I finally got my skylight put in my bedroom and bathroom. They were supposed to be installed before they brought my home here but they did not do it and I didn't notice until it was too late. Somebody recommended these two guys, Pete and Jerry, and they did a really nice job.

I didn't have an attendant here for the last three mornings. Gloria hurt her back so they do not feel comfortable sending her back. They were going to send Madonna back but she ended up in the emergency room at the hospital. Then they were going to send Mieshia but she got sick also.


In two weeks my brother will be here from Georgia for a week and little David will be here. I think David is bringing Desiree and JohnPatrick and possibly Aubrey and hopefully it will be nice whether so we can get out and keep busy.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gramps 90th Birthday

Today was a great day, it was my grandpa's 90th bihthday.
Most of our close family was here and everybody really
had a great time. His brother Frank and his wife and daughter,
his sister Hazel and for daughter Kathleen, Uncle Dick,
Aunt Kathy, Rich in his kids, Bill and Vernetta,
Mike and Laura, Rich and his wife, George and Julliette,
Stanley and the kids, Chris, Charlie and Terri, Peter and
Angie, my mom and I. My Uncle barbecued prime rib and my
Aint baked some potatoes and everyone else brought a side
dish, there was definitely a lot the food. My grandpa gave
a really touching speech that made me cry and I also noticed
a couple of other people crying. He just got through radiation
at Stanford for his cancer and his tumor and said he felt
better than he had for a long time and he was very happy
to be alive... he hasn't said that for a long. everybody is
going home tomorrow or the next day and my mom will be
movie back to her house and then we'll be here alone again,
I'm going to miss having my mom around even though she lives
right around the corner and usually comes down around 11 p.m.
to check on me anyway.

Tomorrow everybody is going to Santa Cruz to have crab louie
on the warf at Gildas.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Today was a really good day. I had to go to Home Depot this morning to get a new toilet seat for the guest bathroom. While I was there I got a couple of things to wash off the front porch and the dog run.

Susan and René from Valley Medical broght a couple of guys over, Steve and Matt to check out my home environment. Matt's injury was a C-5 and I'm not sure what Steve's was but he was on a vent. They were very impressed and I can tell it gave them something to look forward to when they get out of the hospital and go back home.

Juliet fixed up the porch with a plant and it looks really nice. She also cleaned off the patio furniture and put some plants on the bottom of the ramp. I'm having a lot of company over this weekend because of my grandpa's 90th birthday.

Monday, March 7, 2005

This weekend

not much going on here this weekend. I stayed in bed both days because of bedsores. I was trying to heal the one on my right ankle and in doing so I got another one on my bottom and my toe... it's a vicious cycle.

My morning attendant brought me three movies and that helped, bird on the wire, flowers in the attic and the grudge.

Next week I'm going to do a lot of running around to get everything ready for Grandpa's 90th birthday party. It looks like they will be about 45 or 50 people here at my place.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Roberts recital

We drove to Modesto today to watch Robert play the piano in one of his recitals...Wow, it was so cool to watch him. I can't believe how fast the kids are growing up.


I finally got my van back today and they're coming to pick up the rental van tomorrow.