Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween party

The Halloween party was a lot of fun and there were a lot of people there, Brodie was a big hit as usual. I had originally got her a Superman (or Superdog) costume but I saw a couple of other ones that I liked better. I got her a bumble bee and a dog costume. Lulu thought that the dog costume was kind of silly, she said "she is a dog why are you getting her a dog costume?" But I thought it was cute. They ordered pizza and played some games and I got to know a lot of my neighbors and that was great.

Today is a slow, relaxing day, I'm going to hang out and watch scarey movies...I can't seem to find anyone to watch them with me, bunch of whimps lol, but I love them.

Tomorrow I'm having a pizza party, I can't belive it's Halloween.  My Mom told a bunch of people at the party about my decorations so who knows who will show up, I hope I have enough candy.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Goodbye Accent Care

I get to call accent care tomorrow and tell them that I won't need them anymore. They haven't been a very good agency since they got all new people working there, they don't call and tell you when they cannot have somebody there to help you and then when you call they have no compassion. I found another company and I hope they will do better.

I went back to the Spirit store today to get a costume for Brodie. I wasn't going to dress up and go anywhere this year but I was invited to two Halloween parties so what the heck, they should be fun. I also got a couple of other things that I was looking at and I finally decided to just get them, one is a cauldron that bubbles blue and makes dry ice and the other is the top half of a skeleton that drags himself across the floor, that is going to look really cool going up my ramp with the fall in the all-around it from the flog machine, I just love Halloween.

I cannot believe how fast this week went by, tomorrow is Friday already. I want to go to the movies, to the park and then I have to go see Tony to get my tube change.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It turned out to be a beautiful day. I didn't think the sun was going to come out but it did. I got a lot of plants replanted on my porch and in the backyard, I'm trying to get morning glories crawling on the fence in my backyard.

I ordered tickets for Bon Jovi, they sent me advance notice so I can get them before anybody else, I love this.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spirit store

Stanley and the kids got here early last night and we had some KFC and watched TV in my room. I have this really big living room but everybody seems to gather in my bedroom to watch TV and talk, it's kind of cool.

I didn't think the sun was ever going to come out but it did. Stanley made a great breakfast and then we went to the Spirit store, I love that place. The kids got some really great costumes and we had a great time. After that we went to Red Lobster and ate way too much. Tomorrow they're going to be going home, it always seems to go by so fast.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The dreaded telephone

For some reason I never really liked to talk on the phone but I'm trying to make myself overcome things that I don't like to do. My psychologist says that it is because my phone calls were always limited growing up, my parents always said only 10 minutes on the phone and then in my first relationship my ex-boyfriend was the same way or maybe it's the fact that you never know who it is or what they want, I'm not very good or afraid of spontaneous conversation but I figure this is my house so I'm not going to let that stop me.  I started making myself just answer the phone and I'm really starting to like it. Last night I talked to my younger brother for a couple of hours and then my cousin Mike from Arizona called and I think I talked to him for two or three hours and after I got off the phone I feel great.

I finally got my bloodwork done yesterday, two prescriptions down and four to go but I have appointments for the rest then I can get the prescription for my exercise bicycle.

I have a couple of errands to do today. One of them is grocery shopping so I will take Brodie to the Rose Garden and let her runaround for a bit and then go see a movie, I'm not sure which one yet.

I just ordered tickets for Keith Urban, I went last year and he touched me.  He puts on a great show and I can't wait to see him again. We have the same seat that I had when I went to see Rascal Flats, it is going to be a great show.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What a wonderful day

Today turned out to be a great day, the weather was perfect. We went to see Elizabethtown, it was a really good movie. After that we went to Home Depot to get some new plants for the yard, I love to sit on the porch and just look around at all the beautiful plants and visit with the neighbors.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Why do they call it common sense when it is so rare?

I had the strangest dream last night. I have been known to go a little crazy on eBay but I have really been trying to stay away from it. Last night I dreamt that we were living in our house on Loma Prieta Avenue and a delivery truck came and filled up the whole front yard with packages, we had a HUGE front yard. I walked out and saw all of the packages and my dad was there looking very nervous. I told him that I got everything from eBay and it was my early Christmas shopping. Either I don't usually dream or I don't usually remember my dreams but I was talking to a friend last night and he told me that I should write down my dreams first thing in the morning before I forget, we will see if there is a pattern. I usually dream about needing to use the telephone and not being able to, needing to go to the bathroom but there is no door or feeling like I'm drowning in just a couple inches of water.

I'm going to try again today to get my blood work done, I haven't eaten or had anything to drink except water since 4:00 p.m. yesterday, I'm starving. After my blood work we can get something to eat and take the dogs to the park.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Morning Glories

It finally turned out to be a beautiful day, the sun was coming in and out for a while but it looks like now it's out to say. I was looking at my morning glories in the driveway and they are starting to look really good. I have them going up at trellis by each pole in the driveway and now I put a trellis across and it's all filling in, it looks really beautiful.

I finally got all of my Halloween decorations up and it looks pretty good. Frank is not really thrilled about taking everything off of the lawn before he mows it every week but he doesn't complain, he is so sweet.

Stanley and the kids are coming next weekend and we are going to the spirits store to get them some costumes for Halloween. I've been wanting to go to Bonfonte Gardens so I think were going to do that also.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints

It looks like I'm going to be stuck in bed for at lease tomorrow because my chair is in the shop, they said it would only take four hours but I have learned to not hold my breath so we will see. It is just routine stuff, new tires and armrest, new batteries... stuff like that.

I was supposed to go in today for another one of my tests, I have to do a bunch of test before my doctor will give me a prescription for my exercise bicycle, EKG, osteoporosis test, blood work... today was supposed to be the blood work. I wasn't supposed to not eat anything from midnight last night until I take the this morning. I was doing really good until my attendant came in this morning and asked me if I wanted coffee and a muffin, like she does every morning, and I said yes, like I do every morning. I didn't remember until after I had almost finished the whole muffin. Hopefully I will get my chair back tomorrow and I will be able to try it again on Friday.

My mom and my aunt are going to Arizona on Friday and coming back on Sunday. I wish that I could go with them but they have to fly because my aunt needs to be back on Sunday. Next time we are going to rent a van and drive so that I can go also, it will be so great to see Steve and Mike.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Eagles concert

Wow, what a great concert. I didn't think the Eagles concert last year could be beat but they did it. There were a lot of people there and I can tell you nobody was disappointed, I could not keep still. I think they came back for about five or six encores and everybody wanted more.

Friday, October 7, 2005


We spent another day at the vets with Brodie. They took some blood work and they're going to let me know how she's doing tomorrow.

We went to Taco Bell and then took Brodie to the park to run around for a while, it was such a beautiful day.

I can't believe the Eagles concert is finally coming up, I have been waiting for so long and I'm so excited. It looks like we're going to go out to eat and then go to the concert, one of my favorite things to do.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Second eighth grade reunion

I got an e-mail day before yesterday from a girl that I went to eighth grade with. She put together an eighth-grade reunion a couple of years ago and she's putting together another one. Both of my brothers and I went and it was really great to see everybody and I cannot wait to go again this year, I hope my brothers will accompany me again. She sent me a couple of pictures that I didn't even know she had. It sounds like she might be putting together a homepage and hopefully I will be able to help her.

I have been writing a book called Plegics for dummies and I added it to my homepage.

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Today was an interesting day. I have been training a new girl since Thursday but today was our first day alone and wouldn't you know the electricity went out. Luckily we were done using the ceiling lift but my bed started deflating and neither one of us really knew what to do. The contractor that helped me with my house suggested that I put a generator in the shed and there are orange outlets in the House that run off of the generator, the only problem is you have to know how to start a generator or know somebody that lives around you that knows how to. My mom came down and it was like the blind leading the blind but they fumbled around for a while and they decided there wasn't any gas. I have on my calendar every month to start the generator to make sure that it works but apparently looking at the reminder on your calendar is not enough, I think you have to actually start it... live and learn I guess. while they were outside fumbling with the generator of the electricity came back on so I said Brodie out to get them, they yelled at Brodie, send her back into the house, closed the door and continued trying to figure out how to start the generator.

That is enough excitement for one weekend, now I'm ready to relax and watch movies and eat.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Busy week

Last week went by really fast but by Friday I couldn't believe that it was already over. I finally went to see Dr. minor on Thursday to get the prescription for my new exercise bicycle but she wants me to take a whole bunch of test first, EKG, blood work, a test for osteoporosis... here I thought it was going to be really easy and now I have a prescription for about six tests, I get to try to schedule all of those on Monday.

On Friday I was supposed to go see Tony and get my SP tube changed but they call me and told me that Tony was sick so they had to reschedule. I was up and ready to go 11 a.m., I love getting up and getting going that early. We went by the theaters but it didn't look like there was anything interesting playing so we went to the Rose Garden Park, it is so beautiful there and there's no dogs allowed so I can let Brodie run free without worrying about too much except for the squirrels. There were a lot of people there, they get their lunch and bring it there to eat, next week I will definitely try that.  After that I went grocery shopping for the weekend. The lady that usually prepares my meals had a mascectomy so she's going to be out for awhile. When I used to live on Elm Street we used to shop at a little store called Zanados, a little family store. It is huge now. They have a huge salad bar, a sushi bar, as well as a full bakery and meat department. They have stuffed pork chops and stuffed chicken breast that you just throw in the oven and set the timer and they also have the best twice baked potatoes I have ever had.

Today is just a slow day, watching TV and chatting on the computer. We have been training Anna all week and I think she's going to work out great. Madonna will do the morning shift, Lula will do the evening shift in Anna will do the weekend shift, this way I can get rid of Accent Care and save a lot of money so I can get my new van. Everything seems to finally be going my way, I have waited a long time for this.