Friday, October 15, 2004

Rascal Flats

On October 10th we went to see Rascal Flats at the HP Pavilion.  It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.  Chris Cagle and Julie Roberts were also there, Chris Cagle practically stold the show but Rascal Flats was awesome.  I have to remember that when I go places I need to bring a blanket for Brodie because she was kind of uncomfortable, a friend of mine put his jacket on the ground for her to lay on and she tried to get comfortable.

Today I'm going to see Latter 49 with my mom and tomorrow we are going to see Shall We Dance with my mom, Aunt Kathy and Ellen.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Long lost relatives

I'm sitting here listening to it rain outside, is raining really hard.  One of my favorite things is to lie in bed and listen to the rain, it is so relaxing.

We had a little family get-together here yesterday and it was really nice.  Relatives that live about 10 minutes away yet we have not seen them for about 20 years, it's a shame.

I'm not sure of the relationship, whether they are cousins, first cousins... but they sure were a really nice group.  Everybody brought food and there was a ton of it, that's one thing about my family they always make sure there is enough food.  There were about 11 people here, let me see if I can remember the names... I remember Marcy and her daughter Kimmy, Audrey and her daughter Cindy, Cindy has two girls.  My a Kathy this and her two grandchildren Alexia and Seth, Richard's children, and of course gramps.  These were my grandmother on my mother sides relatives.  We promised to see each other more often.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Olivia Newton John

Last weekend we went to see Olivia Newton-John.  A friend came down on Friday and cooked a really nice dinner.  Saturday we had a barbecue and then we went to the concert.  We got almost all the way there and I rememberd that I had forgotten the tickets at home, luckily we didn't have to come all the way back.  Brodie would not sit still.  Every time I would make her lay down she would stand up again and I was getting a little angry.  I had a blanket on the back of my chair so I took it off, unfolded it, laid it down and she laid on it and didn't move for the rest of the concert.  Poor baby was just uncomfortable.  Sunday we were both tired so we stayed in bed and watch TV, it was a great weekend.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Modesto Van Sant's

Last Thursday Stanley and the kids came for a visit.  Thursday afternoon I went to a friend's for lunch, actually we went to Hullihans.  It was a really nice lunch and visit.

Friday Stanley, the kids and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It was really nice, I had not been there for a long time and everything was very interesting.  I met a girl who was there with her parents and she also had the canine companion.  The first two or three times we saw her Brodie would not stop barking and lunging, it was really embarrassing.  The fourth and fifth time she finally settled down and only wagged her tail.  I need to really start working with her.   I ran into Marv, a paraplegic guy that I met through the support groups at Valley Medical, he is always so sweet and upbeat It is always really great to see him.  He works at the aquarium and also teaches and loves to scuba dive.  Corinne could not believe this.  He was telling her  how he gets out of his wheelchair, into his scuba gear and then into the water.  I need to start going back to the support groups because I miss the group.  After we left the Monterey Bay aquarium we went to eat on Cannery Row, a place called Louie's restaurant.  I had shrimp skampi and it was really good.  We sat outside on the deck overlooking the ocean braking against the rocks and listened to a band that was playing down below us.  The only bad part was the pigeons that kept flying up and landing above my head, nothing happened but you can imagine what my mind was thinking?

Saturday we had breakfast and took the kids to Raging Waters.  They had a blast with the water, it was perfect because it was so hot.  I had to have Stanley take Brodie and I home because it was so hot, on the way home it was 105°.  I feel bad because right before we left a guy was causing problems and the police had to escort him out, this made Robert very nervous.

Aubrey's visit

Aubrey came to visit a week ago last Thursday.  She wanted to establish residency so that if she decides she can come and live with me and go to college.  After she got here on Thursday we went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get her a California driver's license and me a California ID card, can you believe we were only there for an hour?

On Friday we did a lot of running around.  Nothing really important but fun.  We went to Bed Bath and beyond and Diddims(not sure of the spelling).

Some other stuff that she wanted to do was to check out West Valley College, go to the bus station and get routes and schedules to get from here to the college.  Hopefully we got everything that that she needed to do and we also had fun.  She's going to come back for Halloween, she was here last year and we had a great time.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Neice and nephews for the weekend

I had a really great weekend.  It was my brother and sister-in-law's anniversary and they wanted to go to Hearst Castle for the weekend so I volunteered to watch the kids.  They were supposed to come down Friday night but David got bit by a black widow and was not feeling very good.  They came on Saturday and although David was not feeling very good we were going to have a good time.  Saturday we went to Quizno's to eat and then went to the IMAX theater and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I thought Corinne might be a little scared because the screen was so big but she loved it.  Sunday we went to the mall and then got some pizza and videos and came home.  The weekend when my way too fast.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brad Pasely\County Fair

Brad Paisley was awesome.  I went with a friend and we had a really good time.  I was afraid it would be a little difficult because it was as a buffet dinner before the concert but everybody was very helpful and made us feel extremely comfortable.  This was my first event without Brodie.  I was afraid that it would be too hot and too crowded for her so I left her home.

Last Friday Lisa came down and spent the weekend with me.  I had mentioned to Char that I wanted to go to the county fair but had nobody to take me and she told Lisa and she said she would be glad to go with me.  We went on Friday and Saturday and were going to go back on Sunday but it was too hot and we were too tired.  We did eat just about everything in sight, it is one thing that we have in common, we love to eat.

This weekend is going to be fun.  My brother and his wife are going away for their anniversary so I'm going to watch the kids, I'm looking forward to it.  I hope that it's a little bit cooler so I can take them to great America and Bon Fonte Gardens.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Don Henly

The Don Henley concert last night was really great.  A friend and I had dinner first.  The food was great and we had a really beautiful view, it was at the Saratoga Mountain winery.  The ramp to get too where the tables are for eating was really steep and uneven, I crashed into the brick wall.  It was a little bit cold but not too bad.  Next Monday is Brad Paisley, I'm excited about that one also.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Eric Clapton

My brother Dave got here with Aubrey and John Patrick on Friday afternoon, it is always really great to see them.  We went out to dinner with mom and gramps before Dave and I went to the Eric Clapton concert.  The concert was awesome.  The band that played before him was called Robert Randolph and the family band, they were really good.

Saturday we tried once again to fix my new bed so Multimedia Max can control it.  Rosie came over and we called Dan but it still is not working, they think now there is a short in the circuit board.  I have had the bed for several months and my brother and Rosie have been here a couple of times to try to fix it.  Dave made red beans and rice with sausage, corn and garlic bread for dinner, it was really good.

Tomorrow my brother Stanley and his three kids for coming to visit.


Two more days to Don Henley...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Great day

Well, I finally got to go to the garlic Festival in Gilroy and it was everything I ever imagined.  I was so excited when we got to the parking lot that I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack but once we got into the gates I was fine.  We walked through the whole thing and I eat everything I could think of... garlic bread, garlic mushrooms, calamari, shrimp skampi, garlic stir fried chicken, garlic lemon chicken sandwich.  The only thing I didn't try was the garlic ice cream.  I also got four wine glasses with the garlic Festival logo, two tin beer mugs with the Festival logo on one side and the name of a beer on the other side, I think Coors.  I also found a poster with the logo that will look great in my kitchen.  The one for this year just happen to have ivy on it and that is what I have in my kitchen.

Before we left, as I was loading into the van was sliding door on the passenger side broke, it is always something.  Luckily Keith, the guy across the street, was outside and came over and closed the door for us, the cable was broken.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Gilroy garlic festival 2004

Today was a really good day.  I have been stuck in bed for two days so it was nice to get up.  I was getting cabin fever and so was Brodie.

I went to dinner with my grandpa and my mom, Denny's of course.  After that my mom and I went to the movies, we saw I robot with Will Smith.  It was a pretty good movie.  We wanted to see The Notebook but it was already gone from the theaters.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Gilroy garlic Festival.  I have been wanting to go for several years but it's just too hot in Gilroy.  We even made it to the parking lot one day but my wheelchair got stuck two times before we could even get out of the parking area so we decided it would be best to just turn around and go home.  It's supposed to be 87° in Gilroy tomorrow, we will see.

My brothers coming down at the end of this month, on the 30th.  I got as tickets to see Eric Clapton at the HP Pavilion and I'm very excited, I know it will be a killer show.  He is going to stay until August 1 and my older brother's is coming so we will have a nice little get-together.

August is going to be really busy and I'm very excited.  Besides Eric Clapton I also got tickets to see Don Henley, Brad Paisley and Diamond Rio.  The last three concerts are at mountain wineries and there are sitdown dinners before each one, it should be a really good time.

Monday, May 24, 2004

My little brother's visit

My brother came for a visit.  He flew here on Thursday and flew home Saturday night.  We had a really nice visit but unfortunately he was really busy the whole time.  I wanted to get my bed hooked up to multimedia Max and my mom needed a faucet changed in her kitchen sink and her roof was leaking.

We did find a really nice place to eat.  It is called the Elephant Restaurant.  They have killer hors d'oeuvres, great food and really good smoothies.  My brother and I liked it so much we took my mom and Grandpa back the next evening and they also enjoyed it.

He also took me to Fry's electronics to get a GPS because I am really tired of getting lost all of the time.  We found one there and paid for it and left.  When I got outside I heard my brother calling me to stop and I heard people laughing.  Apparently, as we walked by a stuffed animal display Brodie picked up a stuffed elephant that show on the ground and was walking out with it, she is so cute.

We didn't get to bed hooked up because we need to exchange a couple of parts but it will get done.  It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A visit with friends

A couple of friends came down for the weekend.  An online friend that I have known for six years, Char and a girl that I went to high school with, Lisa.

On Friday we went to Los Gatos and had some killer nachos at Pedro's.  After that we walked around and we came to a pet store.  They had a statue of a dog outside and when Brodie saw it she tried to sniff it's butt I and then turned around so the statue could sniff her butt.

Saturday we went to San Francisco for the day.  The weather was just perfect and we had some great seafood.  I met one of my cribbage buddies that lives there, Brad.  He is very sweet but I think he cheats at online cribbage lol, just kidding.  We had lunch and then walked around for a while.  I guess Brodie had never seen a horse before because when one came by she freaked.  She started lunging at it and barking and growling.  After about three or four came by she settled down.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Mom's birthday

I haven't written anything for a while.

This last weekend we had a birthday party for my mom, it turned out really good.  There was about 30 people here and everyone seemed to have a good time.  My brother and most of his family was here from Georgia and my other brother and his family were here from Modesto.  We barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and had baked beans and all different kinds of salad because that's what my mom likes.  Both of my brother stayed here from Friday until Sunday in the time went by way too fast like it always does.  My little brother is coming back in two weeks so he can hook up my new bed to multimedia Max so I can use it with my voice command program, ECU.

Tomorrow I am getting my new canine companion, Brodie.  Mark from protrain is bringing her and he is going to stay here for three days and trained me how to work with her, I am so excited.

The weekend after that my friend char from North Carolina and my friend Lisa from series are coming to visit.  I met char online about four or five years ago and I went to high school with Lisa, I know we are going to have fun.

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Saturday, April 4, 2004

My brother, sister-in-law and kids came to visit today.  Janet helped me with my bills and my taxes and made a really good dinner.  I was supposed to meet Brian online at eight o'clock.  I forgot we had put the clock an hour ahead so I missed it.  I feel really bad but I had a great day.